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5 Tips on How to Build your Self Confidence Today

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

There are very few people who could call themselves perfect and be right. Most of us need to build aspects of our self-confidence each and every day, but the vast majority of us just choose to ignore the issues or only concentrate on the negatives in life such as stress, worry, jobs, money problems and relationship issues. Choosing to focus only on these areas simply drains our self-confidence rather than improving it. Imagine, if you could improve your self-confidence, you could make more money, look and feel better physically, or just be more relaxed with and around other people. Below there are five simple techniques that have been proven to help build self-confidence.

I know suggestions of talking to yourself may sound a tad crazy but trust me it works. It's no secret that all of us have a running monologue constantly in our heads, whether we realise it or not. Everything we see, hear, or touch sparks off an immediate dialogue in our thoughts. For those of us who lack confidence this monologue can often be filled with negative directives, many of which are further escalated by the mass media television, radio, newspapers, or even just overhearing what other people say.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt totally consumed by such negative thoughts, you literally felt like all your energy was sucked from your mind and body? I know I certainly have! Did you know this can consciously block the flow of positive messages coming through?

It is absolutely imperative that we find ways to receive positive messages, as that is what ultimately contributes to building your self-confidence. Why not choose to raise your self-esteem. Take control. Use your inner thoughts to talk to yourself in a positive manner, as often as you can.

1. Use positive affirmations

Saying them on a daily basis is key, one example I use is "I love myself; I love myself; I love myself". I aim to repeat it for a couple of minutes. I know it may sound silly, but it really does help to help build your self-confidence. Try it! go to the mirror right now and repeat out loud "I love myself!" 20 times, I assure you, it will be impossible to stop yourself from smiling.

2. Dress for the occasion

Always dress as smartly you can. It's a proven fact you cannot feel your best if you don't look your best. You will be amazed at just how much more confidence you will have just by ensuring you always look and feel your absolute best. This can certainly be done by wearing clothes that make you feel good. Wearing your "Sunday best" is definitely a thing of the past, it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is, it's all about boosting your confidence right here and now and not just at the weekends. Go on put on your favourite clothes, do your hair! and remember "Every day is showtime!" 3. Possess the attitude of gratitude

One great way to ensure you increase your self-esteem, even more, is by giving thanks for, where you are in life, who you are, how you look, and what you are doing. Make it common practise to say "thank you" to yourself, and for everything you see, all whom you meet, and each smile that you receive. Being thankful for everything is so important. 4. Good posture

Stand or sit correctly: How you stand sends out a message to the World, and in turn, back to you. This results in improving how you feel about yourself and will build your self-confidence not just for today but every day. There is actually scientific evidence that shows how posture can affect our mood. Do not slouch. Slouching produces a down mood. By slouching you are telling the world and yourself it doesn't matter, you don't matter. Standing tall and upright will actually lift your mood. Help build up your confidence by pulling back those shoulders, stop that slouch, and walk proud.

5. Show that beautiful smile

Smile. Just smile, trust me things seem better somehow. Practice smiling regularly and get your facial muscles used to the physical act of smiling. When you next look in the mirror or as you walk by a store front smile at yourself. Not a grimace, but a proper smile.

Let me know how you get on! I'd love to see some selfies.

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