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Hi! I'm Marcia

and I'm all about helping women like you discover their inner power and step into their greatness. I'm a 1/3 Emotional Generator and I was in a dark place before I discovered Human Design. Despite having all the societal boxes ticked, I felt overlooked, frustrated, and unfulfilled. That's why I now use Human Design, group and 1:1 Coaching to help women who are going through similar challenges. I guide you through the tough times and give you the permission to be your true self, so you can reignite your inner power and feel inspired..

I'm a soul-led facilitator and I fell in love with the freedom of Human Design during my own self-discovery journey. Now, I use my intuitive abilities to blend Human Design with personal coaching to help you feel seen and consciously step into your power. I offer Foundational or Comprehensive readings that give you a personalized blueprint and recording to refer back to whenever you need it. My goal is to use Human Design as a tool for transformation and deep soul-level healing, so you can live your most fulfilling life."

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