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Hi! I'm Marcia

Always known for my rational voice of reason – with a large sprinkle fun and firmness!  My omnipresent energy is why many consider me a person that can be relied upon in times of need, especially when you have no clue where to go next, or that you should be doing so much more in life.   Through my own journey of finding myself emotionally, mentally and physically stuck due to the stories that played over and over in my mind, I knew I needed to change. I was tired of feeling like I needed to hide behind those fears and doubts that continued to dull my shine. This had led to an entire barrage of self-fulfilling insecurities that left me feeling less than I truly was despite what intended to be. The mess culminated in my losing my marriage and an appreciation of my life. I lost ME. 


But it was embarking on an authentic path of self discovery that led me to begin my mission to truly uncover the  deep-rooted source of my insecurities through my journey of pain.  


By being willing to surrender along with my insistent yearning  to uncover my soul driven purpose in life, I was able to dig deep within to unearth the gems that lay hidden within me. 

This search led me onto a path of spiritual awakening, which included prayer, meditation and Reiki. And this is when the rebirth of Marcia Mcleod occurred. 


Thank you for stopping by my website! I’m really excited that you’re here!   Feel free to have a look around to discover more about me, sign up for any one of my upcoming events or simply join my tribe.

You can also follow me across social media for daily updates and inspiration or simply just subscribe to receive my blogs to learn more about my journey - and how I can help you with your journey to self-discovery.  
Have a blessed day! 
Marcia Mcleod 

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