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I love the skin I am in, do you?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

To my beautiful black skin,

Today and forevermore, I am making the choice to accept you fully exactly as you are. I am in awe of the amazing way you are able to so cleverly assimilate to all the different seasons and climates. I give thanks to you my unique beautiful skin for providing me constant cover, for healing me, for taking full ownership of my entire body and soul throughout all my various growth stages, such as childhood, adolescence, motherhood where I allowed my postpartum scars to make me feel somehow less than proud of the amazing accomplishment, then middle age and for communicating with me in so many ways through your ever-changing surface. Thank you for all the alluring sensations that you provide me such as pleasure, pain and crucial intuitive guidance.

I apologise for all the moments in the past that I had wished you were different, I am sorry for each and every cruel thought that I allowed being aimed towards you, my darling beautiful black skin, I'm sorry for the times I discredited my roots that contributed to making up my skin colour. I'm terribly sorry for the austere actions I've taken to alter your shade, to remove the marks of life that are displayed upon you. I apologise for ever wanting you to be lighter or darker because of the many complex ideas of beauty that were imposed upon me. I am extremely sorry for allowing you to burn due to unnecessary excessive sun exposure, I'm also sorry for at times hiding you from the outside world for fear of being judged because of your appearance, I am sorry for discriminating you, simply for the way that you are. I'm sorry for any of the unconscious or conscious ways I have harmed you in this life.

I'm sorry for all the ways I have embodied the racial distortions within you, based on my racial "hierarchal categorisation" I'm so sorry for consciously believing the illusions that people created by telling me that my skin is any better or worse than any other skin tone. I'm so sorry for the unconscious thinking that my value of beauty and worth had anything to do with my colour. I'm sorry for anything I've unconsciously allowed in relation to your colour which may have created physical, mental or even emotional separation between myself and all other humans who have different skin tones.

I promise you from this day forth to love you unconditionally, I promise to honour and cherish you. I commit to always remember why I chose you to hold my unique soul within you and will always activate your power for the highest good for all, I pledge to heal my relationship to you. I give you assurance I will always recognise your true power.

With gratitude my beautiful black skin, in love and admiration.



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