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Reiki with Marcia


Marcia is passionate about life and positive work with energy.


Rei – universal life energy higher intelligence, spiritual consciousness all-knowing one-ness


Ki –life force breath vital radiant energy


What is Reiki?


Reiki energy wants to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved. It will never override a person’s free will nor cause any harm.  The only requirement for the distribution of this energy flow to you is to have a sincere willingness to receive.


Distance Reiki – 1 hour


Reiki distance or remote, absentee healing is when a Reiki practitioner sends healing energy towards an individual or group, event or situation in the past, present or future.


To receive a distance healing it is not necessary to be in a meditative state, however, it is recommended you set aside some quiet time as the energy is being sent.



Reiki session with Marcia – 1 hour


Before the session


Contact me for a free consultation on WhatsApp or phone where you may share what you’d like to work on and if I can help you.


During the 1-hour session, a few minutes will be spent on getting to know each other first, and address any queries you may have.


During the session


If it’s not your first Reiki experience and you prefer to skip the talking then we can also move on to the next step which is the actual Reiki treatment which will generally last about 45 minutes.


All you need to do is lay down, relax and let the energy flow through you!


While you are lying down I will be placing my hands on, or above certain energy points on the body depending on what we are working on.

You will also be free to speak to me during the session and share anything you feel.



After the session


Reiki continues to work and flow through our bodies even till the next day. Therefore, I recommend not having your session on a day you’re planning many activities or heavy exercise as it’s best to allow yourself some time to relax after the session.


Once you have had a session with me you automatically become one of my healing tribe, you can keep in touch to see how you are doing and you may also contact me at any time if you have any further questions or want to just update me about your journey and how you are feeling. 



If you decide to book 3 or more sessions you then make it into the “healing tribe” where all my clients can avail of a 10 % discount.


1-hour session

AED 300 - VAT not applicable

Marcia’s Healing Tribe


1-hour session

 AED 270 per session when booking 3 or more sessions. VAT not applicable

Distance Reiki


1-hour session

AED 150 - VAT not applicable

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